Howard Drive Elementary

Student Clubs


The Chorus Club is a performing group that promotes teamwork, gives a sense of belonging, raises school spirit and is fun! The chorus club meets weekly. Our chorus club has been recognized for its positive role in our school community.

Dance Team

Our Dance Team is a great way to showcase students' dance abilities. They perform at various venues and competitions, but most importantly they have fun!

Future Educators of America

A student organization dedicated to supporting young people interested in education-related careers. The FEA students will be assigned to a teacher/mentor whom they will work with throughout the school

Green Patrol

The Green Patrol Team digs into action to assist with the beautification of our school. They collect all our recycleables and help keep our school energy efficient.

Jump Rope Club

Jump Rope Club is designed to increase cardiovascular endurance and improve coordination and agility. Students develop their jumping skills and perform their jump rope routines for the community.

Keyboard Club

The Keyboard Club performs for our community and our school. They demonstrate their wonderful musical abilities while sharing their love for music. 

Running Club

The Running Club promotes enthusiasm for running and gives students an opportunity to participate in a fitness program.

Safety Patrol

Safety Patrol is a team of students who work together with teachers and staff to help create a safe environment on the school grounds.

Youth Crime Watch

Youth Crime Watch is a group of elected students dedicated to the social and organizational activities of of community. 


he Television Crew is responsible for delivering the school wide news to Howard Drive Elementary’s student body each morning.  Members of the WHDE TV Crew learn about the various occupations involved in television news production and future career opportunities available to them. 

5000 Role Models

The 5000 Roles Models of Excellence Project is a mentoring program committed to closing the minority male achievement (access) gap by guiding minority male students. 


G.E.M.S. is the Girl Empowerment and Motivational Sisiterhood which is a mentoring program committed to raising self esteem and awareness of self to help close the (access) gap by guiding minority female students.